New course certifies pavement inspectors online

A new web-based course teaches pavement inspectors about the fundamentals of asphalt pavements.

The Asphalt Institute’s Pavement Inspector Certification (PIC) can greatly benefit less experienced inspectors while experienced inspectors will learn about new methods and practices as they earn their certification.

“An inspector’s job is to inspect anything and everything that affects the quality of the paving project. If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is,” said Asphalt Institute Engineer Amma Wakefield, who helped develop the course.

The eight-module course is administered online and is on-demand. In today’s learning atmosphere this can better serve participants who might need to train at night or on weekends.

Modules cover asphalt mix design materials, mix production and placement best practices. Other lessons explain the proper use of tack coats, preparation for paving, asphalt pavement compaction and the importance of quality assurance.

“I remember how uncertain and mistake-prone I was when I first started as an inspector for the department of transportation. Even though I had a civil engineering degree, I didn’t really understand all the practical details of construction materials and day-to-day asphalt production, roadway construction, and testing,” said AI Senior Regional Engineer Danny Gierhart, who also helped develop the course.

“I would have loved the opportunity to take a course like PIC as a general orientation before I was ever sent to the field as an inspector,” Gierhart added. Once participants finish each module and complete the exams they will be an Asphalt Institute-certified pavement inspector. PIC debuts mid-February of 2021. Learn more about this course at