Asphalt Day is May 15

Asphalt Day on May 15 celebrates the many economical and efficient uses of liquid asphalt in roofing and paving. The Asphalt Institute introduced this annual observation in celebration of the members of their century-old trade association and the industry across the globe.

Studies show that 94 percent of all U.S. roads use asphalt and 80 percent of U.S. residential roofs use asphalt roofing shingles. This day increases awareness of asphalt roofing and paving products while demonstrating their resiliency and growing sustainability.

Asphalt’s resiliency shows through the product’s responsiveness to climatic conditions and natural disasters. Asphalt repairs roadways quickly after natural disasters and damage from weather-related events. Pavement designers use asphalt to better construct roads to withstand higher temperatures, snow, ice and extreme weather.

Asphalt shingles provide the most protection for homes and the people inside when it comes to extreme weather conditions. Advancing technology is helping to make asphalt roofs even more impenetrable.

Asphalt road materials are recycled more than aluminum cans and newspapers in the U.S. The benefits of asphalt being the most recycled product in the U.S. include the environmental effects and the progression toward a more circular economy. The industry is committed to producing and constructing net zero carbon emission asphalt pavements in 25 years.

The asphalt roofing industry is working to reduce and eventually eliminate landfill disposal of asphalt-based roofing materials. Recycled shingles find uses in road construction, road repair, roofing products and more.

Five facts about asphalt

Sharing these facts on May 15 can help educate the public about the asphalt industry.

1. The most recycled material

Asphalt pavement is the most recycled product in the U.S. Millions of tons of asphalt pavement materials are reused annually to pave new and existing roads.

2. Most U.S. roads are paved with asphalt

Studies show that 94 percent of all roads in the U.S. are paved with asphalt, making it the road material of choice.

3. Most U.S. residential roofs get covered in asphalt

Asphalt roof shingles are very popular. Studies show that 80 percent of all U.S. homeowners have an asphalt roof protecting their investment.

4. Asphalt roads last longer

The concept of a three-layer, flexible asphalt pavement design results in asphalt roads lasting as long as 50 years before needing total replacement.

5. Asphalt roads and roofs weather storms

Asphalt roads and roofs prepare for changing climate conditions by being able to get rapidly repaired after damage from a weather event or natural disaster.

Asphalt Day suggested activities

1. Share on social media

Post your asphalt industry appreciation on social media platforms using the #AsphaltDay hashtag.

2. Celebrate with your coworkers

Paving, roofing, and asphalt materials companies can celebrate with special meals, breaks or events while on the job.

3. Speak to the media

Schedule a T.V., radio, newspaper or podcast interview to share your asphalt story that week.

Thousands of people work in liquid asphalt refining, paving construction, roofing manufacturing, engineering and other related industries. The Asphalt Institute wants to make May 15 a day for these people to celebrate their industry and its important place in global infrastructure, transportation and housing.

As asphalt usage progresses, there will be a particular focus on sustainability. Companies are reducing their environmental impact and recycling more pavement materials and roofing shingles. With new technology, the average life of improved asphalt roads is 50 years and better-designed asphalt roofs can last 30 years or more.

“There is truly so much to celebrate in this dynamic industry. We plan on making Asphalt Day a global tradition to share with everyone,” said Asphalt Institute Marketing and Membership Director Tracie Schlich.

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