Lab Corner: Z-scores

By Mike Anderson, P.E.

As a little niño, I loved watching the old “Zorro” television show. Walt Disney Productions…not surprisingly. Zorro was a nobleman pretending to be self-absorbed with his wealthy lifestyle but secretly donning a mask to hide his appearance (a ploy that I don’t think will work in today’s CSI-crazed society, by the way) while he fights corruption and injustice with a foil and slashes Z shapes into wood, clothes and skin to leave his mark. Way cool. Probably responsible for my otherwise inexplicable love of the “¡Three Amigos!” and “Nacho Libre.” (more…)

Furthering the case for rheological testing of roofing asphalt binders

By Mike Anderson, P.E.

In the October 2016 issue of “Asphalt” an article was published that discussed the integration of rheology into roofing applications. The article noted: “There is a logical path to integrating rheology into asphalt coatings, in a similar matter to the way performance-based specifications for paving asphalt have evolved.”

The problem (also noted in that article) is that although asphalt coating properties are critical, “there is limited agreement in the industry to what the rheological requirements would be beyond empirical softening point, penetration and the asphalt viscosity.” (more…)