Asphalt Sustainability – Contracting mechanisms, project delivery methods and green public procurement

Dr. Chait Bhat, Ph.D., LCACP is the Sustainability Engineer for the Asphalt Institute.

Part 1 – Fundamentals

As a civil engineer and a certified life cycle assessment practitioner (LCACP), I understand the concept of “green public procurement” comes with a question of appropriate construction contracting mechanisms and accompanying project delivery methods for its successful implementation.

Specifically, “what contracting mechanisms would harness the true potential of green public procurement by applying life cycle assessments (LCAs)/ environmental product declarations (EPDs) at the appropriate decision-making level?” This is an important policy-related question that has huge implications for decision-making. Having the appropriate project procurement/management processes will complement the successful application of pavement-level LCAs and EPDs.


A talk with Women of Asphalt President Sheila Barkevich

By Kim Wilson

Sheila Barkevich holds an engineering degree from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Albany. She has been with CRH for 35 years progressing from the role of a Quality Control Technician to a Senior Vice President at Callanan and is currently the Northeast Division Performance Manager at CRH Americas Materials.

Why did you choose the leadership role in Women of Asphalt (WofA) versus others you belong to?