Modified asphalt use in roofing applications

By Bob Klutz, Eileen Dutton and Jonathan Davis

You may be most familiar with modified asphalt for paving, but modified asphalt has been used for roofing applications since the 1970s.

Asphalt is a cost-effective material for construction and waterproofing, but roofing products are subjected to wide and rapid temperature swings – even more so than paving. Also, buildings move! (more…)

Pizza and potholes

By Jacob Butt

Potholes…the bane of drivers around the world. A 2018 estimate conducted by AAA estimates that potholes cost American drivers over $3 billion per year. That equates to almost $300 per person each year. The damage can range from simple tire punctures to much more costly and timely suspension repairs.

So, what is a pothole, how is it caused, how do we repair it, and how does it relate to pizza? (more…)