APA announces 26 Perpetual Pavement Awards

The Asphalt Pavement Alliance’s Perpetual Pavement Awards (PPAs) celebrate long-life asphalt pavements. Twenty-six awards in three categories were announced in May.

PPAs By Performance are awarded for high-performing asphalt pavements that are at least 35 years old, have not suffered a structural failure and have an average interval between resurfacing of no less than 13 years.


Expert tips on asphalt driveways

By Joshua Fightmaster

What is the best asphalt driveway you can put down at your house? Are there different kinds of asphalt? Are some types of asphalt better than others? How much work is it to have one installed at my house?

These are a few questions I am sure any homeowner contemplates if they need a new or rehabbed driveway. I talked to an expert in Chicago, Illinois to see if they had any tips and tricks when working with residential driveways.