Extend pavement life and stretch your budget with pavement preservation

By Kevin Carlson

The road network is one of the most valuable assets in the United States. It is vital to the movement of people and goods to support the economy.

According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) statistics from 2011, there are approximately 4 million miles of roads in the United States. Asphalt accounts for approximately 93 percent of the paved road miles. (more…)

Asphalt Academic – Bill Buttlar

We talk with leading educators in the field of asphalt technology in an effort to connect with academia on important industry issues. 

Dr. Bill Buttlar, PhD is the Glen Barton Chair of Flexible Pavement Technology at the University of Missouri-Columbia and Director of the Mizzou Asphalt Pavement and Innovation Laboratory (MAPIL). (more…)