Twelve miles of new interstate constructed through the desert

By Bob Humer, P.E.

Seventy years after the start of the nation’s interstate program, another vital piece of highway was completed in 2018. Using Fuel Revenue Indexing (FRI) and federal funds, the $318 million project has a 2.5-mile section constructed in PCC (Phase I) and a 12.5-mile stretch constructed with asphalt (Phase II).

The U.S. Congress designated this freeway as I-11 in the “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century” Act (MAP-21). Phase I has been managed by the Nevada Department of Transportation, while the 12.5-mile stretch (Phase II) was a design-build contract awarded to Las Vegas Paving and administered by the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Southern Nevada.


Solar reflective or ‘cool asphalt’ shingles offer advantages

By Rusty Parker         

With the ever-increasing focus on more energy efficient building products, it is no surprise that advances in asphalt shingles have kept pace with enhanced solar reflective or “cool asphalt” materials and design.

These advances bring a number of benefits to the homeowner from lower power bills to a longer effective service life. This article will analyze these benefits.