Asphalt Academic – Elie Y. Hajj

Civil Engineering Faculty 2008, Elie Hajj

We talk with leading educators in the field of asphalt technology in an effort to tune in to academia on important industry issues.

Dr. Elie Y. Hajj is an Assistant Professor at the University of Nevada, Reno and Associate Director of the Western Regional Superpave Center. (more…)

Talking Asphalt: Rushing it

MTBeavin_photo_2015What not to do and why not to do it

By Michael T. Beavin
Asphalt Institute Technical Training Coordinator

Asphalt binder technicians – you’ve been there. The lab is cranking and you can barely remember what you had for lunch or if you had it at all. You are FED UP with FedEx and UPS. Each delivery brings fresh stress wrapped in a brown box. You get it. BUSY! You’ve gotta move! That binder ain’t aging itself!

In much of the United States, both users and producers are rushing to finish projects before the snow flies so with the fall comes mountains of COA (certificate of analysis) samples. (more…)