Pavement thickness design evolves with latest software

By Danny Gierhart, P.E.

How thick should I specify the asphalt on my project, considering the number and types of traffic loads I expect, and the support I think the subgrade will provide?” That is the basic question posed by engineers who want their pavement to last a long time, and in good condition.

Pavement thickness designs are too often based on economics — how thick can the pavement be built with the dollars available for the project, regardless of the engineering realities. Or they are simply empirically-based — what has been observed to perform under similar conditions before. (more…)

Transportation projects in Colorado and Idaho honored as best in U.S.

A multimodal project in Colorado that installed advanced technology to speed emergency responses and added new travel options including a commuter bikeway and a project in Idaho that removed the last of 18 dangerous intersections were both honored as the top winners in the 2017 America’s Transportation Awards competition. (more…)