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By Bob Horan, P.E.

Pavement preservation can be generally defined as a proactive approach to maintaining and preserving pavements to keep them in good condition. The Asphalt Institute strongly supports the adoption of utilizing pavement preservation by owner/agencies because it’s cost-effective in extending pavement service life.

While reactive reconstruction and rehabilitation projects are still necessary to address pavements that are in poor condition, a balanced approach is recommended to include preservation strategies designed to keep good pavements in good condition. (more…)

Where are you on the MSCR implementation curve?

By Pete Grass, P.E., CAE

Where is your agency on the MSCR implementation curve?

MSCR – the Multiple Stress Creep Recovery test – also codified in AASHTO specification M332, has been around for many years and all but a handful of states have been testing and reviewing the impacts of implementing the specification or have made major strides to full implementation. At least 14 states report full implementation as of this writing. (more…)