Ensuring the longer life of airport runways


By John I. Duval, P.E.

The future is bright for the U.S. aviation industry as more people choose to travel each year by air. The high watermark in the industry so far is the year 2015, when more than 894 million passengers traveled by air in the United States.

At the current growth rate, one billion U.S. passengers will travel by air in 2025. Time-pressed consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on air travel, attracted by lower costs and a steadily improving safety record. (more…)

Behind the scenes in an asphalt mix design lab

By John Davis

labzack_ZACK_webZack McKay
Senior Asphalt Technician
Asphalt Institute

Q: How do you see the Asphalt Institute lab and its commitment to lab quality?

A: We look at accreditation and calibration – those two are the biggest. We keep our equipment up to par in both categories. If you are up-to-date on accreditation and your equipment is properly calibrated, you will have an excellent lab. Employee training is also important. (more…)