Improved durability prolongs pavement life

Workshops stress importance of in-place densities

By Bob Horan, P.E.

Proper compaction of an asphalt pavement is essential for long-term pavement performance. Studies show that a one percent reduction in in-place air voids can extend the asphalt pavement service life by at least 10 percent.

In order to bring this message to paving professionals, Asphalt Institute (AI) regional engineers created a workshop in 2016 entitled “Enhanced Durability through Increased In-Place Pavement Density” for state departments of transportations (DOTs) in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). (more…)

Complete street

Increasing flexibility in multi-modal asphalt road design

By Mat Herron

We demand roads. The nation’s veins and arteries permit commerce to flow freely, allow us to reach that much-needed vacation spot, or simply make it to work on time.

Our drive to drive saturates every aspect of our lives, from the occasional to the habitual: Americans take 1.1 billion trips a day, and travel averages 11 billion miles a day – roughly 40 miles per person, per day, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. (more…)