What increased automation can do for asphalt plants

By James Careless

Imagine a future where asphalt pavement production is entirely automated.

Conjure up self-driving trucks hauling raw materials to a fully-automated asphalt plant and unloading them in sensor-monitored, weight measurement holding areas. Think of the materials and fluids stored in these areas being constantly monitored by sensors tracking their humidity, temperatures and other vital characteristics. Then all this data is fed into and analyzed by the plant’s asphalt mixing control software in real-time. (more…)

Finding markets for recycled roof shingles

By James Careless

When it comes to recycling/repurposing asphalt roof shingles and production scraps, the roofing and asphalt industries have put their money where their mouths are by finding ways to use these materials in several asphalt-related applications.

“It is generally accepted that at least 11 million tons of old asphalt shingles are removed from American rooftops annually,” said Martin Grohman, GAF’s Executive Director of Sustainability. (more…)