Book examines many details involving REOB/VTAE in paving

IS235_REOB.inddThe Asphalt Institute released a new 89-page publication this month that provides information on the use of re-refined engine oil bottoms (REOB) also known as vacuum tower asphalt extender (VTAE) in asphalt paving.

This free publication is entitled “IS-235 State-Of-The-Knowledge, The Use of REOB/VTAE In Asphalt” and was produced by the Asphalt Institute’s REOB/VTAE task force, made up of Asphalt Institute (AI) member company representatives, AI staff engineers and a representative from the Federal Highway Administration. (more…)

Eight asphalt webinars designed for training without travel

webinar_eightBy Cody Worden

There is a tremendous amount of web-based educational information available at the convenience of our fingertips. Webinars are great tools that can facilitate the transfer of knowledge without the expense of travel, lodging and precious time otherwise needed to travel to subject specific training or conferences. (more…)