Lab Corner – Test your asphalt IQ

By Mike Anderson, P.E.

After reviewing a few of my recent articles, I’ve come to realize that I’m starting to sound like my parents with the “when I was younger” bit. Most of the time, in my parents’ case, that opening gambit was followed by a proclamation of how much better things were back then or how they had it tougher, but still persevered. That said, it is an effective opening, so…  (more…)

Behind the scenes in an asphalt lab – NBTC

The National Binder Technician Certification (NBTC) program
A conversation with Asphalt Institute Technical Training Coordinator Mike Beavin 

By John Davis 

Q: What is the National Binder Technician Certification (NBTC) program all about? 

A: Officially, the NBTC program is designed to “…address a recognized national need to reduce variability in PG testing. The program provides a consistent means of ensuring that asphalt binder technicians are knowledgeable and fully qualified to produce valid specification compliance and quality assurance data. (more…)