Welcome to the Laboratory of the Asphalt Institute

As a leading facility in asphalt industry research, testing and analysis, the Laboratory of the Asphalt Institute offers knowledgeable, certified technicians and professional engineers with a reliable technical support network of Institute industry experience. We are AASHTO-accredited, fully calibrated, and equipped to meet your performance and technical needs in a variety of key areas:
Accomplishments and credentials of the AI Laboratory:

Part of the principal architect team of Superpave’s development and refinement
Developed Superpave Binder and Mixture courses for FHWA
Participated in NCHRP 9-7, 9-9, 9-10, 9-12, 9-16, 9-38, AAPTP 05-07 and 06-01 research projects
Active member participants in ASTM, AAPT, ETGs, and TRB Committees
Developed the National Binder Technician Certification Program
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