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Asphalt Day is celebrated worldwide

Global holiday celebrating the asphalt industry debuts May 15, 2024

The Asphalt Institute is celebrating Asphalt Day on May 15, 2024, to increase awareness of the versatility of asphalt roofing and paving products while demonstrating the resiliency and growing sustainability of asphalt.

“We want to celebrate Asphalt Day each year because most of the world interacts with asphalt every day through roadways, walking paths, residential roofs, airport runways and commercial roofing systems,” said Asphalt Institute President Pete Grass.


The start of a magazine

Celebrating 75 years of Asphalt magazine 
Part 1 (1949-1974)  

Magazines have long been a popular method for sharing information with many people. In 2024, we are celebrating 75 years of Asphalt Institute’s magazine “Asphalt.” 

The magazine became a national publication in April of 1949. The Asphalt Institute published the first edition of “Asphalt Institute Quarterly” with a striking photo of Washington National Airport’s runway. 

A publication entitled “Asphalt Forum” led the way for the magazine. It was published by the Pacific Coast Division of the Asphalt Institute as a regional newsletter from 1937 to 1949.