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Asphalt Sustainability: Can all LCAs be considered as EPDs?

Dr. Chait Bhat, Ph.D., LCACP is the Sustainability Engineer for the Asphalt Institute.

In a previous edition, we discussed the systemic organizational improvements required to develop Product Category Rules (PCRs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) at the pavement-level considering the full life cycle. That June 2023 article focused on the importance of developing PCRs and EPDs from a holistic scope of “cradle-to-grave” covering the entire pavement life cycle and not just from a “cradle-to-gate” scope covering construction materials only.


Asphalt Day will be celebrated worldwide

The Asphalt Institute is working to make sure everyone around the world knows that May 15 is Asphalt Day. The group is spreading the news about the annual celebration through industry channels and an international public relations campaign.

“We want to celebrate Asphalt Day each year because most of the world interacts with asphalt every day through roadways, walking paths, residential roofs, airport runways and commercial roofing systems,” said Asphalt Institute President Pete Grass.