Treece named AI Chair for 2024

The Asphalt Institute welcomes Rob Treece, National Director of Asphalt Sales for U.S. Oil and Refining Company, as AI Chair in 2024. 

Treece is based in Tacoma, Washington. He has served on the AI Board of Directors, chaired the Public Policy and Relationships Committee and Meetings Task Force, led the Asphalt Institute Foundation Golf Task Force and served as AI Vice Chair in 2023. 

“We head into 2024 with continued challenges on our sustainability initiatives and need to set up the program rules to support it. We also need to produce the industry’s first-ever EPD (environmental product declaration) for asphalt binders in time for those states with a requirement to do so,” said Treece.

“As always, we will continue to build on our collaboration with Eurobitume to grow our mutual interests across the globe. There will always be challenges in our industry, but I believe our leadership and staff at the Asphalt Institute and the Asphalt Institute Foundation will continue to lead us through each finish line,” Treece added.

Charles Boan was named Vice Chair for 2024. He is the Asphalt General Manager at Flint Hills Resources, LP based in Minnesota.