ARMA program celebrates roofing excellence

ARMA program celebrates roofing excellenceThe Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) announced the first year of the Quality Asphalt Roofing Case Study Program (QARC). This is a new recognition program that will give roofing contractors, consultants and architects the ability to gain the national prominence for their work with asphalt roofing.

Aside from crowning three winners, this program will allow anybody to share success stories, best practices and have a chance to network and learn, while promoting the core benefits of asphalt roofing.

By completing an online form, you can submit examples of projects that celebrate the advantages of asphalt roofing and earn them the opportunity to have their story broadly promoted by ARMA.

The QARC online application covers project information including contractor name, consultants, products and specifications. A description of the project’s special challenges and the logic behind the selection of asphalt roofing materials is required within the application’s summary section. Residential or commercial projects, including new construction or renovation are open for submission through August 18th.

ARMA will be selecting three finalists that will receive top honors and prizes after the entries are collected and the judging ends in September.

“This program aims to recognize industry professionals who use asphaltic roofing. Documenting successful projects that illustrate the benefits of asphalt roofing systems will help them to build their businesses and help home and building owners find the best value available in roofing today,” said Jim Baker, ARMA’s Director of Industry Affairs.

“ARMA will highlight outstanding projects, including those that use innovative roofing materials as well as excellent applications of traditional asphalt roofing materials. There is no fee to enter,” said Baker.

Products made by ARMA members are used in millions of commercial and residential roofing projects. Through the QARC project details and specific product benefits can now be described by the architects, design professionals, consultants and contractors who specify and install shingles, BUR and modified bitumen membranes every day.

Visit the QARC website