AI initiates proficiency sample program for roofing asphalts

The Asphalt Institute has developed a proficiency sample program for roofing asphalts, similar to the successful program administered by the AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) for paving-grade asphalt binders. As with the AMRL programs, the proficiency sample program will help users understand the between-lab variability of some common tests for roofing asphalt binders described in ASTM D312, Standard Specification for Asphalt Used in Roofing.

For 2005, participation in the proficiency sample program is $270 per sample. To enroll, please complete the PDF request form at the link below and return to the Asphalt Institute by May 31, 2005. Samples should be distributed in June.

For more information, please contact Mike Anderson in the Asphalt Institute Lab.