Asphalt learning via webinars

The Asphalt Institute (AI) has five interesting webinars coming up this fall that can bring advanced asphalt classwork straight to your device.

We kick off our “Additives in Asphalt” series on Thursday, October 25th. The series of one-hour webinars is a partnership with the Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists.

The first session in the series will cover additives in asphalt mixtures. The second will delve into the recent developments of how asphalt binder tests have changed, partially because of additives, to better understand modified asphalt binder behavior. Finally, the third webinar will explore what is on the horizon for additives in asphalt, including movement toward fundamental characterization through chemistry, sustainability and engineered design.

Dr. David Mensching of the Federal Highway Administration, Dr. Hussain Bahia of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Dr. Louay Mohammad of Louisiana State University are the instructors for the course.

“AI seminars are carefully designed to bring you the very best in asphalt instruction in a compact and easy to understand format which enhances your learning.  There is no better way to enhance your skill set while learning from some of the very best in the business,” said AI President Pete Grass.

On Tuesday, November 6th AI will host the “Basics of Asphalt Binders” 90-minute webinar. AI Director of Research and Laboratory Services Mike Anderson will be the instructor for this session that provides a general introduction to asphalt binders. Then on Tuesday, November 20th he will follow up with a “Basics of Asphalt Mix Design” session.


Additives in Asphalt: Part 1 – Mixtures 10/25/18
Additives in Asphalt: Part 2 – Binder 11/01/18
Basics of Asphalt Binders 11/06/18
Additives in Asphalt: Part 3 – What is on the horizon? 11/08/18
Basics of Asphalt Mix Design 11/20/18