New web site is live

New web site is asks the question, “What is your favorite road?”

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Americans spend countless hours driving each year. As a nation, we love to be on the go and driving is essential to our daily lives. Whether we are experiencing new places or connecting with friends and family, our fondest memories often consist of the journey–the roads we travel.

Asphalt Magazine is pleased to launch its innovative new project, A new Web site that showcases photos and stories of the driving public’s favorite roads, hit the road this week to travel to the Southeastern Asphalt User/Producer Group (SEAUPG) conference in Hilton Head, S.C. to make its debut to the asphalt industry. is a site for people who are passionate about their driving experience. The site draws attention to the roads that drivers like best and why. When posting a photo or story, the site prompts users to also indicate the pavement type of their favorite road.

At Booth 32, editors are demonstrating the site and giving away briefcases and other fun prizes. Stories, pictures and blogs from the week’s conference will continue to be posted. Also, when you register on the site and submit a story before December 15, you may win a leather jacket.

“The excitement surrounding is electric,” said Peter Grass, president of the Asphalt Institute. “With the nation’s increased focus on infrastructure and maintaining our roadways, this Web site showcases the public’s enthusiasm for driving and their realization that their favorite roads are very likely paved with asphalt.” is continually being populated with favorite road stories from individuals throughout the industry. Marketing efforts to the general driving public will begin in January 2010.