Frecker retires from FPO, Ursich named new executive director

Fred F. Frecker retired March 30, 2007, after more than 15 years of serving as Executive Director of Flexible Pavements of Ohio (FPO) and 27 years with state and local agencies. At a recent dinner in Columbus, Ohio, that celebrated Frecker’s long and successful career as an ODOT engineer, County Engineer, and FPO’s Executive Director, AI President Peter Grass presented him with a President’s Award as a thank you from AI’s Members for all his hard work and dedication to the industry.

Cliff Ursich, P.E., has been named President and Executive Director of FPO. He has served as the executive vice president since 1994. Ursich began working for FPO in 1990 as a Pavements and Materials Engineer. In that role, he was technical liaison and provided assistance to public agencies, private developers and association members concerning material selection, specification development and hot mix asphalt and pavement structural design. Prior to joining FPO, Ursich worked for seven years with the Ohio Department of Transportation.