AI welcomes many new members

The Asphalt Institute (AI) has recently welcomed many companies as new associate, international and affiliate members.

Asphalt Exporters International, LLC is an international member based in Juarez, Mexico. The company manufactures and sells asphalt products.

Blue Line Transportation Co., Inc., based in Portland, Oregon, is an associate member. The company manufactures and transports asphalt products.

CRM Company is an affiliate member based in Newport Beach, California. The company is a supplier of crumb rubber for use in rubber modified asphalt binders.

Henry Company is a commercial member based in El Segundo, California. The company manufactures roof coatings and building envelope systems.

Industrias Zahori is an international member based in Mexicali, Mexico. The company is a manufacturer and reseller of asphalt products in Mexico.

Payne & Dolan, Inc. is a commercial member. The company is an asphalt contractor with liquid asphalt storage terminals in Wisconsin and Michigan.

Peckham Asphalt Resale Corporation from White Plains, New York is an associate member. The company is a liquid asphalt reseller.

Xiamen Huate Group Corporation Ltd. is an international member headquartered in Fuijian, China. The company trades asphalt and is involved in pavement maintenance.

There are currently 127 member companies in the Asphalt Institute.

Asphalt Institute new members